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The National Curriculum Council (NCC), Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training (MoFEPT), in consultation with Education Departments of all federating units of the country, private sector and other stakeholders, is developing Single National Curriculum (SNC). This effort is in line with the vision of the Prime Minister of Pakistan of “One Nation, One Curriculum”.

Implementation of the first phase of this curriculum for Grades Pre1-5 has started successfully in the ongoing academic year of 2021-22. Development of curriculum for further grades and improvement for existing grades continues with implementation planned for the upcoming academic year 2022-23.    

An important aspect of this initiative is development of model textbooks to be offered for review and publication as per rules across all federating units. Development process of textbooks for Grades Pre I-V has been finalised and implemented in the ongoing academic year of 2020-21.

Given the importance of this initiative for the future of Pakistan, we would like to invite you to contribute to this national cause.

Request for Support

We all share the objective of providing quality education to Pakistani children across Pakistan. Textbooks that bring a well-designed curriculum to life play a crucial role in achievement of this shared objective.

Hence, MoFEPT is soliciting support from Education Partners including Textbook Publishers/Writers, Private School operators, Education Non-Profit Organizations and others in provision of high quality textbooks and learning materials. Specifically, we would like to invite partners to share their partially/fully SNC aligned textbooks and learning materials for Grades Per I-XII with MoFEPT under a copyright/ licensing arrangement, for modification, adoption, and distribution as per policy.

Given below are some questions and answers that aim to provide clarity on the key elements of the proposed arrangement.


Guiding principles of the partnership

  • In light of the following principles, parties will register with MoFEPT through a pre-qualification process.


  • NCC will review and evaluate textbooks and learning materials offered for compliance with the SNC based on the evaluation criteria (to be shared later with pre-qualified partners). Amendments, additions or deletions suggested by the NCC for bringing the textbook up to the set standards will be made by the partner with support from NCC as needed.


  • After review and certification/approval for printing of the textbook(s) and learning materials by the NCC, partners of certified textbooks and learning materials will issue a non-exclusive copyright/ license to MoFEPT, which can further transfer these rights to curriculum authorities of the federating units.


  • The copyright/ license will be unrestricted in terms of duration, print quantities, publication in different formats including uploading the soft versions on the official websites of the Ministry, NCC and curriculum authorities/textbook boards of the Federating Units.


  • MoFEPT and Federating units may print the copyrighted/ licensed textbooks and learning materials as a whole or part as deemed appropriate. Contribution of the partner will be duly acknowledged on such materials.


  • Approved textbook will be made available on the official website by the MoFEPT and the same will be shared with Federating Units for review and printing as per their rules and policies in all streams of education including Public schools, Private schools and Deeni madaris.


  • The Partner may retain copyright under certain circumstances, and would be free to revise, publish and commercially market these materials across Pakistan on its own.


  • Partners will offer this license free of cost. This arrangement provides partners an opportunity to contribute to an endeavour that would benefit millions of children across Pakistan, as their textbook may be adopted in all public schools across provinces and federating units participating in the curriculum reform exercise. The partnership will help enhance the profile and reputation of the partnering entities. In addition to explicit acknowledgement provided in agreements and printed materials, the MoFEPT will also aim to acknowledge this contribution through various media platforms. 


  • Approved textbooks, soft copy of which has been uploaded on the official website of the Ministry and NCC, will be free for print by any interested person, institution or organization etc.


  • More than one textbook from different interested parties for the same subject and grade may be approved by NCC after the review and fulfilment of all codal formalities.


  • Timeline: The aim is to have certified print ready textbooks available by February 2022.


  • Template of the Licensing Agreement to be signed by both parties along with evaluation criteria will be provided to pre-qualified partners.


Pre-bid meeting will be held on 06th December 2021 at 1:00 pm at NCC Secretariat or can be joined virtually; the linked can be obtained from 0332-5759305.


You may indicate your interest to enter this arrangement by sending an email on saadmir12@gmail.com by 15th December 2021 till 5pm outlining the subject(s) and grade(s) for which you would be able to offer your textbooks and learning materials.


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