SNC-Religious Studies-Overview



The aims and objectives devising the progressive and constructive curriculum of “Religious Studies” are as follows:

  1. To help students understand the primacy of religious teachings and their value and impact in social life.
  2. To provide an insight of the respective religion to the students belonging to that faith.
  3. To familiarize the learners with the basic principles, teachings, practices and role models of their own religious faith.
  4. To build character of the students to enable them to play a vital and positive role in the universal society.
  5. To provide students with pure teachings and social skills to bring about a positive change in their thought and behavior towards fellow human beings.
  6. To translate universal values into practice, through role-models.
  7. To develop etiquettes and mannerism in students in the light of their own religious teachings and ethical and moral code of society such as family values, respect of parents and elders, affection for children and respect for humanity.
  8. To practice and promote harmony, tolerance and acceptance among the members of different faiths.
  9. To groom students as responsible members of the society by inculcating values such as respect of constitution of Pakistan, human rights and responsibilities, gender justice, promotion of a culture of peaceful coexistence, global citizenship, and appreciation of cultural diversity.
  10. To promote love for the country which will result in more loyal and united generation that will work together for prosperity of Pakistan.